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"One Time Only" Payment Programs

"One Timer's" vs "Monthly"  (audio)  -  What Do I Do?  (audio)  -  1% of 100?  (audio)  -  "Keep it simple"  (audio)

SLOW (approx $30USD-ONE TIME)

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MEDIUM (plus slow, approx $170USD-ONE TIME)

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FAST (plus slow and medium, approx $238USD-ONE TIME)

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The "total" cost of "all" this list is $238 USD (one time only) for 33 streams of income !!!!!!!!!!!

How many streams of income do you have "right now" ??????

 Don't forget our "power play" program!

Monthly Payment Programs

Multi-Streams of income are better than relying on lottery tickets. Do you buy just one? The link below offers a list of opportunities within our "toolbox". Go there to add as many chances as you wish. Please contact the person who gave you this promo-site and discuss what you wish to do. Use their referral link if possible! If you wish to have a promo-site like this one, you will have to contact the and provide your new referral link so it can be placed on your promo-site.



We have many opportunity "tools" offered in the PowerXS Group. Our Platform is designed as a "grow as you grow", "multi-stream income system". You will be building your community of entrepreneurs "once" and one step at a time (baby steps). Our opportunity promotion is based on generating a novice income for each member first then as they progress, they will migrate into the next stream. Therefore; You will be building "one" team that will be following you into each business, creating a multi-stream of multiple incomes. We start small then grow big. Don't forget our "power play" program!

If you are NOT in need of money, then this is a great program for your portfolio. Donate 100% of your profits to your very own cause, crusade or vision and support it by "showing" the information to your friends and family. Have them help support your crusade for a better world. You can alternate your personal program donations at any time.

If you would like a promo website like this one, please contact Kitchener, Ontario, 1-519-591-2541