Grow As You Grow 

We have many opportunity "tools" offered in the PowerXS Group. Our Platform is designed as a "grow as you grow", multi-stream income system. You will be building your community of entrepreneurs "once" and one step at a time (baby steps). Our opportunity promotion is based on generating a novice income for each member first then as they progress, they will migrate into the next stream. Therefore; You will be building "one" team that will be following you into each business, creating a multi-stream of multiple incomes. We start small then grow big. Our suggested, promoted opportunities are based on low priced, cash, crypto, autoship, one time pay and email marketing tools, to start.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Diversify

Food For Thought - If you decided to build a sixty unit apartment building to generate an income for retirement; Would you only rent out one apartment? Can you build it with one screwdriver? No! You would need all sixty apartments rented to achieve your financial goals and you would need allot of "tools" out of your tool box.

I have bought into business opportunities and have been told by my upline to concentrate 100% on the one I joined and the only reason they have said that was to make me build their team, not necessarily mine. After devoting several months and years in each, I found the companies and the upline failed to do what they promised to do. I received "scooby snack" incomes. Not enough to quit my job as promised. To solve this, I decided to look at these business opportunities as if they were in a single "bubble" (like an apartment building). Each one supplying scooby snacks and all together generating a "consolidated" income that was now sufficient. I set up the PowerXS Group to act like a "mutual fund" where if one business is not working too well, I replace it with another "tool" that is.